Caves: Life Beneath the Forest


Produced by:

Ravenswood Media, Inc.


Funded by:

Hoosier National Forest

Indiana Karst Conservancy

National Speleological Society


David McGowan



Second Camera/Sound:

Jacek Lupina

Coulter Mitchell

Suzie Crombie

Keith Pamper



Production Manager:

Kriste Lindberg



Original Music:

Bahman Saless



Opening/Credits Music:


"Carnival of the Animals-Aquarium"




Suzie Crombie

Coulter Mitchell

David McGowan



Web design:

Wacky Orb





Cindy Sandeno

Julian Lewis

Jean Krejca

William Pearson

Horton Hobbs

Hazel Barton

John Whitaker

Tim Carter





John Benton

Dave Black

Ronnie Burns

George Cesnik

Bud Dillon

Keith Dunlap

Dave Everton

Brant Fisher

Don Ingle

Keith Pamper

Chris Parks

Patty Ruback

Bob Sergesketter

Mark Sparks

Bob Vandeventer

Richard Venier

Sue Vernier

Steve Weinzapfel

Molly Wright





Virgil Brack

Scott Johnson - Indiana DNR

Andrew King - USFWS

Tom Simon - USFWS



Special Thanks:


Bud Dillon

Marc Hancock

Richard Jones

Bill Schaefer

Bluesprings Caverns

Camp Atterbury

Cave River Valley Recreation Area

Crest Motel

Harrison Crawford State Forest

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Paoli Golf Course

Spring Mill State Park

US Fish and Wildlife







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